The Flora Culture is an interior plant design company in Houston. Our company was created out of a love for plant and floral design, and the desire to make them attainable for all people -- whether or not they were born with a green thumb.

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Jemine Oakes

Co-Founder/Director of Operations

Jemine has always been passionate about floral design. Growing up in Nigeria, she was surrounded by tropical plants and loved using the vivid colors from her home-grown garden to create bouquets.

  • Favorite Plant – Snake Plant (Sansevieria Cylindrica)

  • Favorite Flower – Italian Ranunculus

Matthew Oakes

Co-Founder/Design Director

Matthew grew up with an affinity for horticulture and began with a botanical garden on his parents’ property at age 12. He has since combined his professional background in design with his love for nature to create a place where both meet and thrive.

  • Favorite Plant – Philodendron 'el choco red'

  • Favorite Flower – Juliet David Austin Rose

Taylor Janney

Floral Design Associate/Social Media Director

Taylor has been obsessed with flowers since she learned that it was an actual job that grownups could have. Being a florist has been on her vision board since she was 6 years old. (It was that, or to be Pochahontas). Florist feels like the most viable option.

  • Favorite Plant – Southern Magnolia

  • Favorite Flower – Icelandic Poppy

Anna Oakes

Senior Associate/Store Manager

Anna has worked in the wedding and special events industry for several years and has a love of floral design. She believes a room is incomplete until it is brimming with plants and fresh flowers to breathe life into the space. (No, really, the plants provide more oxygen!)

  • Favorite Plant – Echeveria Lola

  • Favorite Flower – Dahlia 'Cafe Au Lait'

Oliver Oakes

Director of Play

Oliver is our resident lizard-wrangler and garden assistant. ​

  • Favorite Plant – Red

  • Favorite Flower – Blue

Emory Oakes

Assistant Director of Play

Emory is a soil connoisseur (but we are trying our best to keep him from eating it).

  • Favorite Plant – Anything that doesn't poke me when I hit it

  • Favorite Flower – Anything Edible

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